I met Lesley my freshman year of college. We immediately bonded over both our love of snowboarding and the fact that we each spent our first year of school in the exact same dorm room, a one 179 Libby Hall. I knew from the minute I met her she was going to be one of the most radical people I'd ever know.

A year later I tried out to be on the Board of Directors for the CU ski and snowboard club and after getting elected Lesley swooped me up as her personal ‘newbie.’ Each ‘oldbie’ gets a newb to act as mentor for through the tasks and trials of running one of the largest collegiate clubs in the nation. I’ve seen many newbie/oldbie pairings, and in all my years I’ve come to the conclusion that me and Lesley were the most perfect match in the history of the ski and snowboard club. Not only did she teach me the ways of the snow industry, but she gave me the confidence to sing karaoke at bars, to shotgun beers in front of a crowd, encouraged lots of prank calls and practical jokes, and once even made me tape a dress to my boobs so I didn’t have to wear a bra. To this day, LB is still one of my best friends, and I’m always learning new and interesting ways to be awesome from her. She’s my mentor. It’s just what she does.

So, of course, when I got an awesome surprise from United Frequent Flyer Miles saying I get a free flight somewhere in the US expiring in 3 weeks, I immediately booked a ticket to Denver to see LB and the rest of the CO gang.

Did I mention Lesley has the best job ever? It’s awesome, so Day 16 was Take your Newbie to Work Day. And it just so happened I landed in Denver the day of the B movie premiere! Hooray!

Covering all the essential beverages: water for altitude, coffee for attitude, pop for lunch, and Corona, well, because I was with Lesley

Perks of a BFF that works for Burton

After 'working' (watching Glee for an hour, collecting myself after my 5 am flight) LB and I went to pick up the food for the VIP section of the movie premiere.

Slaw is just so gross...

And apparently, dangerous.

being VIP aint easy.

My adopted newbies Marsha and Hankpanks (+the beautiful Gage)

Found a Goblin.

Becca showed up from SLC for the weekend too! XXXL awesomeeeee!

We took a cab after the video to get Jess some shoes to change into.

After 5 blocks and 45 seconds of Harry Potter audio book 6, we change our minds and ended the ride.

We found Kacie!

We then fit way too many people/boxes in the back of Lesley's car

Amanda fails. But still maintains her awesome.


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