Awesome 19: Stache Bash

Anyone who's anyone know that October 10th marks not only the birth of Keanan Stoner, but the annual Mustache Bash at Casa de Fantasy. It was marvelous.

Me and Amanda getting ready for the night.

Even went to Paris for mustachinspiration!

Logan complimented his stache with a beautiful mullet. The rest of his outfit is typical Logan.

Colllllleeegeeee! Becca found a beer bong!

Fantasy Reloaded was packed
Kacie always finds another way to use extensions

Found a Toby!!

Typical Newbie

Hot Toddy

This girl's mustache changed every few minutes. And it was awesome.

The best part of the night was when I 'Buffaloed'* the birthday boy on a full pitcher of beer.
(*Buffalo is a game us Coloradans play-- if you ever 'buy in' to Buffalo, you are required to only drink beverages out of your non dominant hand. If another player catches you drinking with your dominant hand, they can exclaim 'Buffalo!' and you must immediately chug whatever drink you are holding. The most epic Buffalo was with our friend Chris Garcin, on an entire Nalgene full of Jack and Coke. This one was pretty awesome too.)

Jess gets down.

Found this guy. Wearing Kenneth Coles.

We had a Goblin meeting in a Mossy crack.

And I gave Keanan the best bday gift of all time.

The least awesome part of the night was 3:22 am, when I had to wait for the bus to the Denver Airport to make my 6 am flight. I don't recommend doing it, but i assure you it's possible.


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