Anyone can see a movie right? So it’s not that awesome. It’s like $8.00 for roughly 2 hours of sitting and staring at a screen, possibly consuming over-buttered (though excellently delicious) and expensive popcorn, and most likely contracting something from the filthy seat you’re sittin’ on. Not awesome.

Until you see Zombieland.

I was planning on doing something awesome along with going to see a movie (though me seeing a movie is actually a very rare situation—I usually wait to download them off the ‘net’) but after the opening credits I knew I needed no awesomecompensation. The opening credits probably would have even sufficed.

Zombieland stars Michael Cera[s body double, Jesse Eisenberg] and the guy who played Ken in Wild Things, along with the actor from Surfer Dude and the sober chick from Superbad (the movie that actually starred Michael Cera). It starts off with some of the most awesome opening credits of this generation, and follows with an hour and half of humor, hysterics, and innovative zombie destruction shot immaculately and peppered with informative zombie attack rules and a heartwarming story about family and love and the perseverance of and American Redneck. A great addition to the Month o 'ween activities!

It was just, so awesome. If you haven’t seen it already, stop what you’re doing (reading this blog) and go now!!!!!!!!!!

..Oh, so you must have already seen it? Zommmggbie.

Phil’s Side Not(E) (PSN[e]): If you’re under the age of 17 and you read this blog (without your parents) you will be prosecuted.

Makes me want to fall in love again, which hasn't happened since last years Dance of the Dead.


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