Hey faithful blog readers!

Well, I've done it-- made the change to a wordpress blog. And unfortunately, sandy-feat cannot transfer. I'm going to be paying a lot less attention to this blog, and more attention to my new blog at zomgzz.com.

I'm leaving for Costa Rica in just over a week, and would love for you to read my bloggings about the adventures in central america. Bookmark it, rss it, have your grandchildren print it out so you can read it like you would a newspaper, do whatever. I love letting y'all know about my life!



Heading to Costa Rica!

Finally did it! My next adventura is Central America!


Oh WoW! A New Blog!

So y'all, you might have noticed I've been a little behind on posting here-- I realized that now that I am [somewhat] stationary here in Portland, my posts have lacked a je ne sais quois (?)...but now je sais. Recently, instead of doing, I've been creating-- so I've created a new blog to showcase just that. Working, drawing, photographin, design, goofin'-- it's all there. Please bookmark:


as your new homepage. I think it's going to be great!

I will be showering this site upon the masses, so don't forget about sandy-feat, because it's not going anywhere-- it will still be me showing everyone I know and care about the adventures I'm having!


Lake T

Spent New Years visiting my babes in Tahoe. Sometimes I just want to move there.