Heading to Costa Rica!

Finally did it! My next adventura is Central America!


Oh WoW! A New Blog!

So y'all, you might have noticed I've been a little behind on posting here-- I realized that now that I am [somewhat] stationary here in Portland, my posts have lacked a je ne sais quois (?)...but now je sais. Recently, instead of doing, I've been creating-- so I've created a new blog to showcase just that. Working, drawing, photographin, design, goofin'-- it's all there. Please bookmark:


as your new homepage. I think it's going to be great!

I will be showering this site upon the masses, so don't forget about sandy-feat, because it's not going anywhere-- it will still be me showing everyone I know and care about the adventures I'm having!


Lake T

Spent New Years visiting my babes in Tahoe. Sometimes I just want to move there.

New Camera

...same cute Bonez.

Thanks Santa! Powershot S90 s the dopest...



This Christmas was just awesome.

Before the sun came up, Carey was slaving away making the most delicious and most consistent Christmas tradition, a huge cinnamon roll. Thankkkksss!

Rare pic of me, Justin, and Trish- I can't even remember the last time we were all together.

Because Trish is so obsessed with China, we always have a Chinese themed mini tree for her to enjoy. Apparently they like glitter and owls.

Mums came down from Salem, and as one of my favorite Grandmas it was always a pleasure!

For some reason this christmas I appeared extra domestic.

Mums also brought her boyfriend Lefty.

Denny and Carey read my blog!

Anyway, it was just a really happy day.

And the next day, we continued having fun! Bowling! I think I lost, but who was really keeping track?