Long day of work, but it paid off with another awesome afternoon of lasering! I picked up a few sticks on our hike the other day to make these rad photo-holders:

With the help of my buddy Eric in the Shwood Shop, I also was able to make these awesome little things:

And of course, I couldn't forget to make a new ID tag for kitten:

Jam: Watched this weird movie called Pecker (not porn!) that had an awesome song in it. Happy Go Lucky Me- by Paul Evans

Awesome 7: We be 'stumin

You probably already know that one of my favorite past times is crafting, but even more than crafting, I love crafting with a purpose. Hence, my favorite holiday obviously is the one with the most purposeful crafts: Halloweeeeen Costumes. As tradition goes, my friend Jessie and I (please read previous Rattle-mug post for a brief overview of her awesomeness) are once again making just totally awesome 'stumes. Here is a recap of some past 'stumes:

hip hoppers


gyros trash


Pretending to be graduates (we were also the only people not wearing cap 'n gown a the ceremony)

And my favorite 'stume of me n jessie was the time we were dinos:

There was one time we attempted to make complete monster suits out of fleece and hot glue, but the result was too horrific to document. As a last minute alternative, we went as this:

And this year, to make sure we had ample time to make awesome 'stumes, we spent awesome day 7 crafting away. We wanted to be this...
But, we aren't dogs.

Jessie personifies her 'stume subject

We were just being so awesome at the Craft Store

We went to Am Appy and took very literal photos

Then we found these awkward sweatshirts. Believe it or not they are perfect for our costumes.

My extra awesome mom gave me a sewing machine, and we took it on it's maiden voyage to Great 'Stumelandia

Bonez helped with the cutting

Can you guess what we're being yet? Probably not. Here are some obvious hints:

Just a really awesome day. Jam it: Into the Stream by The Tallest Man on Earth


Still in eugene, I got to have a delicious breakfast with Dad + Carebear, who just returned from an Italian adventure. Then Taylor and I met up with Darcy, Jake, & Katherine to do an awesome local favorite activity: Hiking the Butte! It was extra awesome, because autumn is creeping up on us but the sun is still shining, a rare and beautiful eye of the seasonal storm. The air was smooth and the company was awesome.

We attempted to make grass whistles. Don't wanna brag but mine was the most awesome.

Favorite shots of the day!

To extra-awesome the day, I met my family (the whole kit and caboodle- 2 Uncles, 2 aunts, 2 grandparents, and 3 cousinz) at one of our favorite local restaurants, a quaint little hole-in-the-wall called 'Outback Steakhouse.' We got something called Awesome Blossom. 


Awesome jam of the day: On our drive down to Eugene, we were talkin' about our all time favorite bands. After a lot of thinking I've concluded that my all around, every-mood super band is Pavement, and here's the jam that makes me smile the most. Gold Soundz. Perfect for a sunny day in ye old hometown.

Day 5: Eugene Awezomzss

Sometimes the most awesome thing to do is to go home. This weekend, I did just that. Taylor and I hopped in the car and drove 2 hours south to the comfy south hills of Eugene. Bones came too! She did not think that riding in the car was awesome. Look how weird she is:

Like a usual but completely awesome visit to Eugene, we did these things: eat awesome sushi with mommy, watch way too much HBO, and nap.

Then I had a staring contest with Bonez. I won.

Then I had another, and I won again.

Then she attacked Taylor and it was very hilarious to me.

Then, to cap off the evening we met up with the most awesome besties in the world, Darcy n Jake. We lof them.

Dball is one of the only other people that has a pouch as awesome as mine, which is why we are best friends + have awesome together all the time

Instead of sountrack today you get awesome story track: The Anthem Sprinters by Bradbury just made me so happy today. Go to your local library and read the story. 

Recovered Photos of Awesome Day 3

It was 'utterly macabre.'

We had no monies to take the bus, so I had to make a whoppin' withdrawl:
At coffeshop, had the best seat in the house (look at that cat!)
So uggs.
Too Long Josh.
Faces: "teds"
Our impressions of 'having fun'

Tryin' to poop?

Bee eff effs:
Not sure about that:
He's having awesome!!!!!
Hello sexy ones:
Josh is wearing edible panties:

You are wearing edible panties.

Couldn't decide what to  order. Not awesome.

Seems like Josh and I always end up on a bus.

It 'is' the water
Just the best decorations ever.