Day 4: Club of Awesome

The few people that hang out in my apartment know that Scabs is also an aspiring musician, wittily naming himself Club of Friends. I've been trying to help Fluffs come up with an awesome cover for his first cd, 'One Two Tango'. Once we submerged ourselves in some much needed coffee on the U of Washington campus, the rest of day 4 awesomezomg was spent attempting to take promotional/press photos for when Club of Friends gets ‘discovered.’ Here are some of the goodies:

Zomgggs Josh even let me try to be in one. I fell over, but kept up the awesome:

Also, I was enchanted at the Bus Station. Why are Greyhound station so dirty/muted/and classy?

And here's the awesome jam of today... it's not for everyone but this guy kept me company on the 4 hour bus ride back to Portlandia this afternoon.
Mop Head- By Edit

I'll miss you, Fluffy Fingers. Keep it awesome!

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  1. Lacey said...
    yer so awesome i want to barf

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