Day 5: Eugene Awezomzss

Sometimes the most awesome thing to do is to go home. This weekend, I did just that. Taylor and I hopped in the car and drove 2 hours south to the comfy south hills of Eugene. Bones came too! She did not think that riding in the car was awesome. Look how weird she is:

Like a usual but completely awesome visit to Eugene, we did these things: eat awesome sushi with mommy, watch way too much HBO, and nap.

Then I had a staring contest with Bonez. I won.

Then I had another, and I won again.

Then she attacked Taylor and it was very hilarious to me.

Then, to cap off the evening we met up with the most awesome besties in the world, Darcy n Jake. We lof them.

Dball is one of the only other people that has a pouch as awesome as mine, which is why we are best friends + have awesome together all the time

Instead of sountrack today you get awesome story track: The Anthem Sprinters by Bradbury just made me so happy today. Go to your local library and read the story. 


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