Mini-Morning Awesome

It's before 10 and I'm already being awesome. After a canceled trip to C-attle, I now had to undertake the arduous task of delivering my car to it's weekday home-- aprox. 20 blocks away from my apartment. It's chilly and fall and I jammed to this on my ipod. Reminded me of Clarence and kava.

Anyway, after trying out a new coffee shop, running in with my dear friend Cloud on the elevator, and sitting down at my 'desk' for a day of work, I realized i needed more coffee and needed to drink it out of this mug, recieved as a gift from one of my BFFs Jessie Matanky on her recent trip to Moab:

It is a rattle snake with it's head popping out, if you didn't catch that.

Thanks for making my morning extra awesome, Jbomb. Most awesome mug ever.

p.s. kitteh

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  1. Jessie Matanky said...
    I'm so glad I made a part of your days of awesome. That mug was fun to buy, but I'm sure it is more fun to drink out of all the time. They also had roadrunner picture frames, sand globes and more ugly t-shirts than you can shake an awesome mug at.

    P.S. it was lake powell.

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