40 Days of Awesome.

I have two awesome friends, Jess Werner and Lesley Betts, who a few months ago discovered ‘blogging.’ With this discovery came their unending quest to blog about any and everything awesome.

Then, one day, it happened: they started 30 Days of Awesome. Leaping from an occasional blog post to a daily publicawesome, Lesley and Jess took their loyal followers on a month long tour-de-awesome, making sure that each and every day they executed and blogged about how awesome their lives were. At first I was skeptical that people with full-time jobs (though they work for Burton and Snowboarder mag) could have awesome EVERY DAY for a WHOLE MONTH, they pulled it off. I was lucky enough to cap off the awesomeness in Las Vegas with them this summer, and was wholly inspired to follow the grail of awesome.
And here we commence my 30 days of awesome. I think this will be a good way to: 1. Be more awesome and 2. Blog, so people quit complainin' that i never blog. 3. I like photography, and I always forget about it. So I guess I'll take more photos this way (thanks for re-inspiring me, keith m.)

I just informed Lesley of my decision to be awesome and she warns ‘just so you know. 30 days is tiring.’ Thanks, mentor and dear friend, for the encouragement and the challenge. Just because you said that, I’m doing 40 days of awesome.

*Disclaimer: sometimes I think things are awesome that you don’t. deal with it. Also, I think crafts are awesome. And books. So sometimes that is what is awesome in my life. Today’s awesome is one of those.

Read Lesley's 30 days. Read Jess' 30 days.

Read Mine:

Day One- Awesome Lamp of Awesomeness
Since I moved to Portland, we’ve designated Sundays as “crafternoon.” (crafts + afternoon, duhhh). After browsing the Internet for inspiration, Taylor and I headed down to our neighborhood Home Depot to create a lamp masterpiece. We bought about $15 worth of pipe and a do-it-yourself lamp cord dealie, and after a few hours of sketchy wiring and oily hands, here’s what we created:

If you want this awesome lamp, give me $65 and you can have it.

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  1. Amanda Hankison said...
    it reminds me of an awesomer pixar lamp.

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