Day 3: Seattle Awesome

As the day was rounding its zenith and nothing especially awesome was in the works for the rest of the day, I decided the cure would be the purchase a last minute train ticket up to Seattle. Luckily I live just blocks from Union Station, so I threw my camera in a bag and literally ran onto the almost-departed train. I spent the next 3 hours thinking about how awesome it was 1. Having made the train, 2. Being ON a train, for the first time alone and for the first time in America, and 3. Getting to see my long lost friend Josh on his turf (if y’all don’t remember Josh, he was my partner in crime along with Sam whilst exploring the greater parts of Capfed, Buenos Aires).

Here is josh as I first knew him:

Awesome sunset as seen from the train:

I stumble out of the train and encounter a series of buses and strangers, finally finding Fluffs (pseudonym for Josh) poetically on an overpass in the middle of ‘downtown’ ‘Seattle.’ We do all the things we used to do: drink coffee, say crude and inappropriate things to/about each other, make awkward small talk, take public transportation, and make jokes that only we’d understand/not be offended by.

Get on a bus to Josh’s friends house (believe it or not) to drop our stuff before we hit ‘Honey Bag’ or ‘Honey Hole’ for what Josh referred to as ‘sooo awesome’ for some eats. Right as our food was coming, Josh made sure I didn’t have any appetite left by picking a scab on his arm.

We hit all the awesome bars in Scab’s old stomping grounds, visited the local sex toy shop (awesome!), and waited for a bus home at the crack of 3 am. We took about 8000 asweome pics on my camera that I was so excited about, only to discover on arrival back in PDX that I didn’t have the cord for my lil camera anymore. [[note to self: get a new cord tomorrow or 40 Days of Awesome will turn into 40 Days of What May or May Not Have Been Awesome, but Either Way There is No Proof]]

Please check back for awesome photos of day 3.

Anyway, we spent the night on a futon just small enough for Wet Chest Scabs’ (pseudonym for Josh) head and feet to hang off top and bottom. Awesome.

Nothing awesome like a nightcap photobooth session.

Awesome song of Day 3:
Speak Eagle- by Deelay Ceelay (saw them open for Starfucker a few weeks ago..check them out live if you can b/c they are AWESOME)


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