Day of Awesome #2

I'm already finding that being awesome in the middle of the week is a bit harder to do than weekends, but I did it! Following a morning meeting with Tin House Books, I headed to the Galvanic office (I frequent this place about 20 hours a week) to work on some junk for the 2010 Campus Rail Jam Tour. After slaving away for hours, I was relieved of my duties for some fun... FUN WITH A LASER!!

We have a laser at the office to cut sunglasses, a side project we've been working on called Shwood Sunglasses, but every once in a while, if you’re really good, you’re allowed to use it for personal awesomeness.

The first part was actually work. We made these prototypes for the Shwood packaging. I <3 woodgrain.

And here is my attempt at handling a laser on a personal level: Moleskin Journal of Awesomeness. I imagine writing awesome things in it so I don’t forget anything awesome throughout my 40 days of awesome.

I also decided that my 40 days of awesome deserves a soundtrack. Right click to download what I jammed to today:

Sunlight-By Harlem Shakes

A good day for lasers. Now I'm just hanging out out with my cat, bloggin' and junk.


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