Awesome 21: Pups!!

So it was Monday, and I had a lot of catching up to do (yes, I am self-employed, but taking 3 days off of work to go visit my 'golden college years' really does cause things to pile up)-- so from sun up to sun down I was swamped with work, which is no fun, considering I'm supposed to do something awesome!

Luckily, Adam came to my rescue with an invite-only trip to his bosses house, which he has been taking care of for the last few days. And I must say, i was in for quite a treat: PUPPIES!!!

Needless to say, Bubba and Lilly are my new BFFs

After getting sufficiently licked down, adam made me the most awesome/octoberlicious lunch of all time: Grilled che and tomato soup for dippin'. Did I mention the bacon? Oh yeah, there was bacon.


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