One thing I've looked forward to every year in the CO autumn is the annual Boulder Freeride camping trip. Years past have brought campfire leaping, hot-springs finding, and a general 100 person party in the middle of Colorado's great wilderness.

Past trips:

This year, there was snow.

The camp was full of my favorite friends and my favorite pups! Jiblet was shivering alll night.

And Garlic was being nuts as ever.

As the oldest people there, me and jess taught the youngins how to throw down.

And Becca showed off her superhuman strength!

I came completely unprepared. Flip flops, jeans, and a jacket borrowed from Sam-- no sleeping bag, gloves, flashlight, or common sense. I opted to sleep in Amandas car-- each hour, on the hour I had to start it in order to stay warm enough to retain my sanity. At 7 am it was 15 degrees.
Did I mention I slept in a garbage bag?

At least in the morning, as we made our way back to Boulder, the Colorado landscape shone just like I love it to shine. Awesome.


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