Awesome 17: Aspen Extreme

Ahhh, Boulder in the fall. It reminds me of cozy nights, crisp walks, and to be honest, enough partying to keep you hung over for weeks. In Boulder it is the time when students realize the joys of Colorado's pre-season snowboard activities, unmatched anywhere else in the country. But submerging yourself in ski movie premieres and hat-crocheting lessons cannot prepare you for that first snow....

I was just lucky enough to be there for the event. If only I had words to describe....

I stupidly forgot to pack warm clothes/shoes/snow gear-- you know, the practical things to bring to Boulder in mid-October. So I didn't get to take a run on that white ribbon of opening weekend awesome at Abasin, but did the next best thing: a day trip to Aspen with the puppy love of my life, Django, and his sidekick Mr. Clam Campbell. I'm sure this just goes without saying, but it was awesommmeeeeee.

Check back for a later awesome post of me recreating this pup on canvas and selling for $8k

arrow three.


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