Awesome 33: ZOMGbies

Our Saturday morning was spent like most Saturday mornings at MFP (My Fathers Place), a class bar/diner on the east side, drinking stale coffee and making fun of Adam.

As the afternoon wore on, we saw an alarming amount of Zombies walking around my apartment. While Adam was filling up his bathtub, we headed downstairs and followed the undead all the way down to Pioneer Square. I was heartbroken, as Zombie Walks are one of my favorite past times and I was entirely out of the loop. See below:


2008 : Fiji Edition

After I got over my sadness, I started to enjoy. There were lots of really impressive zombies at Pioneer Square....and they DANCED.

The only thing scarier than zombies is organized zombies.

Watch the filmdeo Jon Mon made here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM5MyfiZg_A


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