Awesome 23: Pumpkin Carvetacular

Keeping on track with Month 'O Ween, I invited the gang over for an awesome carve party!

Bones was just trying to help.

Tim and Adumb pondering the importance of their designs.

Jessie about to stab Bones in the eyeball


Adams new thing where he makes stupid faces all the time. I dont really get it, but I dont really get a lot about the things Adam does.

There's something really rewarding about sticking both your hands in a big bowl of pumpkin guts...

...especially when you take out all the delicious seeds and cook them, as I was raised to do.

Tim's Barfkin

Adumb landed on carving his own face into his pumpkin. If you know adam, this is pretty spot on!

After much consideration, I went post-modern with my pumpkin design.

We did it!

We wound down the night eating toasted pumpkin seeds and listening to Adam read parts of scary stories by candle light till we got fed up with his inability to finish one and everyone went home.


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