Day 28: Still Awesome

Hey gang....bet you thought I stopped being awesome. Well, believe it or not, I'm still kicking and kicking extra awesomely but also very swamped with work. Alas, I have a few minutes to play catch up of epic awesomes.

Due to some privacy issues, I'm not allowed to post an awesome project I've been working on quite yet... but I can say that the product involved is blowing up HUGE. It's been featured on my homepage/favorite design site: notcot.com, tweeted about by hundreds, and been on too many awesome style/fashion/design/rad blogs to count. It's so exciting being a part of something the world is just eating up. So even though it's work, i will say that today's awesome is work-related but so totally awesome it's taking the world by storm. If you can figure out what I'm talking about, yeah, it's those.

In other awesomenews, my iPodphone was sent back to me by a nice lady from Castle Rock, CO. Thanks, lady!!! You are so amazingly awesome for returning it and not selling my phone to Russia.

Also awesome but work-related, I've been messing around with Wordpress as a CMS platform for the 2010 Campus Rail Jam Tour website... even though this much code-medling makes my brain melt, it's exciting to see it actually start looking like I designed it to look:


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