Awesome 29: Jon Turns 30*!

*Not sure how old he really is... he lies a lot.

Another day of working my face off. I look at the clock at 9:30 and start worrying that I've stared at my computer for too long and I dont even have anything really awesome to show for it. Thats when I check out a text from Taylor, confirming the truth of the text I got from Jon earlier that day claiming it was his birthday. Lie or not, I decide to give in and hit the Portland nightlife with new friends and old. It ended in a blur and way too many charges to my credit card... awesome. Un-awesome was that my camera ran out of batteries about 15 minutes in. Sigh....

Love these leaves


Marinna spit on the counter of Tube right after a $2 shot of whiskey, right in front of the owner of Tube. Oops.


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