Awesome 12: Ducktacular!

Awesome quote of the day: "Popcorn is great. Free popcorn is awesome." -Dennis McNally (do y'all get why we are related now?)

This is my first football season in Oregon since I was a senior in high school, and celebrated! My dad and stepmom offered me and Taylor up some of their extra tickets to the Cougar/Duck game this weekend. 3 hours of tailgating, seeing old friends, and BBqin with the finest, this day was totally awesome.
We drove down to Eugene in a herd of duckmobiles. This one was by far the most awesome (note: flags, stickers, trailer hitch cover, noosed- cougar, and novelty license plate 'Duk Guy')

Denny tried on some Shwoods before the game. This is his 'awesome' face.

After pressuring me to awkwardly sing various songs for strangers, Careys rebut was her famous Irish jiggin'

Carey thought this guy was awesome.

Me too.

Tailgatin' in the most obvious way.

So excited!

This is Cheryl, one of the only people that follows my blog (hi!)

She brought the most awesomely named booze.

Though we were allowed to sit in the fancy-shmancy club room, apparently you aren't allowed to have fun. The free popcorn, as mentioned earlier, was awesome.

Are we related?

We found Darcy and Jake at halftime!

Like usual, Darcy and I had matching everythings on. Awesome.

After the game (we won! By a lot!) Denny and Carey DD'ed us to the bars, where we reclaimed our youth by getting rowdy, loud, and awesome.

This is what happens when things don't go awesome for Jake.

Pizza nightcap!

After we finished our slices (remember, jake?) my awesome mom picked us up. So much more awesome than walking.

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