Awesome NINE: .giftacular!

Ok ok, so I know I jokingly told a few of you that if my day lacked awesomeness, I would just make some animated gifs and call it a day.

Today is not that day.

Because, in fact, I actually did something awesome-- but the awesome just so happened to result in an awesome animated gif!

My mom gave me this funky old camera that supposedly takes '3d photos':

I found out via google that this camera, the Nishika n8000, takes 4 shots for every 2 frames of film and using magic you can make them awesomely 3d. I found out via trial and error that even more than being awesomely 3d, if you mesh the entire roll of film together you get a dope animated gif!! So here is my day, in Giflandia.

Click here to veiw awesomeated gif. it's big so give it time to load.

This animated gif is best viewed with the following awesome jam of the day:
Tonebank Computer by Holy Fuck

Also, work awesome! Finished a site today- looks like this:

Check it out at carterwilson.com


  1. Joshua/// said...
    womg it's almost like a movie.
    Anonymous said...
    Your Mom is SO awesome!!

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