Thanks to facebook and online ticket sales, it took me about 4 minutes to decide I'd go to a last minute concert with the lovely Grace and Jbomb. Grizzly Bear is one of my favorite going-to-sleep bands and I'd heart they put on a great show, so I forked the money ($7 service charge-- F you, Ticketmaster!!) over to go to see them at the Crystal Ballroom. We were literally the last people to arrive so had the shittiest standing position, but because we are small and lawless, we made it about 20 rows from the front of the stage.

Griz bear's stage decor was perfect-- mason jars filled with lights, so simple and awesome and perfect for grizbear music.

I always imagined Grace to carry wonderful things in her gigantic purse. This is one of those things she chose to show me mid-show.



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