Have you ever met Alyssa? If no, bummer, because, well, she's one of the most amazing/awesome people in the whole entire world. She grew up in the 'hood' of South Carolina, knows the lyrics to every rap song ever, and has never eaten a pear.

Awebs and I met each other my Sophomore year of college and became immediate life-partners. She is the bacon to my maple, the method man to my redman, the drake to my raise. Here are some photos of us as our relationship blossomed to total awesome:

We do this pose in almost every phot. Deal with it.

Jessie and I took a MAX adventure to the Airport to find out lover, just in from Boulder. Alyssa is still in college, so her weekend trip had to be jam-packed with awesome Portland happenings.

We invited the gang over for an engaging evening of dinner/Apples to Apples, a game us Portlanders love to play.
Reigning Champ, Caneleb almost took another win, but I swooped in with just the right strategy to claim the victory.

We took Awebs to Ground Kontrol in normal Portlandia fashion.

Lacey and Awebs bonded over the awesome but very out-of-character hip hop dance jamz at GK.

Tim leapt out of his shell and took the floor for an ultimate throwdown.

We even found Daley!

Tube was off the hook, and we danced our faces out of this world...

This is probably the most awesome pic you'll ever see. Yeah timtam!

Phil came!

We then decided to take Alyssa all the way to Montage, a million mile walk that is so TOTALLY worth it.

Veggie Jambalaya, ZOMG.

Montage take-out artist knew exactly what I loved, and wrapped up my leftovers accordingly. Such a good way to end the night.


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