Holidays! Last year I was in Argentina for Christmas eve sans Chex Mix and family feuding. Though my international 24th was one of my favorite Christmas eves to date, this year was a reminder of how fun it is when we round up the gang for sandwiches, wine chugging, and presents!

I thought crafting these awesome stockings would spice up the holidays. They did! Handmade by yours truly, with the help of a sewing machine and about 10 sticks of hot glue.

Twas Bones' first christmas.

We welcomed my bros new(ish) wife to the festivities this year.

She actually survived it. Not everyone does.

Bones somehow bought, wrapped, and delivered this amazing cat clock under the tree for me. Its amazing what one can do with the internet these days.

Holy cow.

Mom got me the Blanket of my Dreams from Pendelton- personalized and all!

My mom recieved the hottest gift of 2007- A Snuggie! This one extra awesome because it was seafoam color...

It was an extra special treat to spend time with my bro, since these days the Marines has been taking up most of his time (haven't seen him in almost 2 years!). He still has his stache-tat.

Like usual, my mom filmed everything.

Uncle Eric got a whole lot of individually wrapped bullets.

Nick was grumpy about all this 'family time' but this time he embraced it.

Grandma chugged a bottle of wine.

And Grandpa got some condoms.


We clean up pretty good.

A magnificent evening!

And now we are watching the Half Blood Prince, so we got that going.


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