Arizona Spaventure!!

Every year, my stepmom plans a trip for me, her, and my sister T-bone to spend some quality time together. All of our schedules are hectic (Trish tends to end up in China most the time, and it seems like I can only track Carey down these days via facebook), so these annual trips are a way to bring us back together at least for a few days! Last year we ventured to Bali and Taiwan, an AMAZING adventure that left us with great memories and horrible 'bathroom problems.'

This year, Carey decided to take the low road and do something a bit closer to home, with promise of dependable food and spa services. That's why last week we found ourselves going to a fancy-shmancy resort outside of Tuscon, AZ.

Needless to say, this place was awesome! From the delicious (and healthy!) food to the hilarious aerobics class to the heavenly daily massages, I'll be honest and say I've never felt to spoiled...

We did arts and crafts! My art degree finally paying off post-grad by impressing the other old ladies at the resort.

Each morning we rose with the sun, and after a delicious breakfast explored the area around the resort.

hxc hiker

The last day, the 3 of us did a challenge course called 'Quantum Leap.' It consisted of climbing up a 30 foot pole via ladder and staples and onto a 12x12 inch rickety old disc. Sounds easy, right?

Here I am, fearlessly ready to go first.

Here I am almost to the top, realizing how unstable and scary it actually is to be up there. Hence, 'challenge' course.

Finally made it!

It took no time for T-bone to get to the top, finishing her trip to the top with some fancy yoga poses.

It took Carey about 3 seconds to get up there. Woww.

I never believe it, but [we all] made it!

We left happy, relaxed, and energized. I even saw 2 baby bobcats playing, which was awesome... A great week away!

Oh yeah, and did I mention we ordered 4 desserts every night? That part was great too.


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