All In

To celebrate the winter holidays, I went back to Sin City for a weekend to visit Dad and Carey! Denny thought it would be a good idea to enter us into a LAS VEGAS TEXAS HOLD 'EM POKER TOURNAMENT. Now, this could sound like a good idea, but it actually being a good idea was still to be determined as we headed to the Red Rock Casino with shaky hands and a looming uncertainty of epic failure.

But believe it or not, it was pretty damn fun.

T-bone and Denny fortunately got to sit next to each other for the first 3 hours. I was all alone on the other side of the room, making friends and enemies with my complete disregard for poker courtesy and rules... and also somehow making all the money...

Here's me and Trish after playing for over an hour. If you can't tell, I have the most chips at the table. Seriously.

Trish and I brought a certain youthfulness to the table.

Here's me, winning.

Trish, Denny, and I all made it into the 4th hour of play, making it to the two final tables. We then all got kind of bored and decided to dip out before things got too bloody. We were getting hungry, and were itching to play some Blackjack.

After earning the title of 'Player that Goes All In More than Anyone Else in the History of Poker' The dealer awarded me this amazing plastic card. Hazzah!


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