Alright, so I know this is just totally the anti-awesome, but the final week of Awesome was so busy and so Awesome I didn't spend a lot of time taking pictures. Jess and Lesley are probably shaking their heads, but hey, you guys know I'm awesome anyway... I dont need a blog to prove it. Anyway, here is a compilation of the awesome last week I had:

  • I finally have a 'real business'.. Think-Make LLC. You can even look it up online, it's registered and totally legit. Just one of those steps that feels so AWESOME to make.

  • After figuring out how to thread the bobbin, change the thread, and troubleshoot all the weird shit that happens with sewing machines, I created what will go down in [my] history as The Best Halloween Costume Ever. I've been waiting for years for a boy to allow me to craft him a sunflower costume. I dont know what it is, but it's just so hilarious to me. My awesome friend Cloud was so down, and this is how it turned out:
  • Along with making his costume, a few days before halloween we had 10 people crammed into our living room working on last minute halloween 'stumes. There was hot glue and felt scraps so deep you couldnt even see the floor.
  • I kept out my sewing machine and crafted a home-made laptop case out of fleece and corduroy. It's just, soooo dope. I'm planning on mastering the art and making 8000 more and selling them like hotcakes.

  • Colgie dropped in for a visit one night! He's been out in the wilderness for quite some time and we havent had a good 'catchin up' since I can remember. He and Emma came up for a night with some of their friends and we had epic rainventures. Awesome.

  • Work has been going SO GREAT. Have been wrapping up a bunch of projects that have been really fun to work on:
  • Stuff at Galvanic is going so unbelievably well we are all pretty much flabbergasted [awesome and underused word] by how successful our ventures are becoming.
  • I am now a self-certified master at Wordpress:

Anyway, just a totally awesome week leading up to AWESOME DAY 40!


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