Awesome 34: Farewell Darcy!

Y'all know my BFF Deedle? We've known each other since we were wee-ones (Soul Mates since 7th Grade) when we collectively decided to rebel against all that was French 1 with Mm. Wenzel. We disrupted this class so much with our relentless giggling/Olsen Twin references we were not allowed in a single class together since.

After 3 years of middle school, we parted ways for deeper water. But somehow in the vast separation we kept our friendship strong, thriving in the rare chances we did get to see each other. Once we realized our friendship could withstand the trials of distance, we tested and continue to test it constantly. After an awesome post-high school summer, Darcy flew off to Austrailia and I to Colorado. Our friendship dangled between shotty Rockie-Mountain [lack of] cell service and an awkward old Telephone booth from down under, but alas, we prevailed. She lived in France, and upon her arrival home I went off on my Great Samoan Adventure. She moved back to Eugene after I graduated but I ended up somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere. At the beginning of this summer Darcy and I were finally in the same place at the same time, and it was awesome.

But, to keep with tradition, now that i've settled down (persay) in Oregon, she hopped in her ol' maroon car with all her stuff and moved to Truckee. Though it's far, it's the closest we've been in a long time (plus, the perks of having a friend in Tahoe is, well, awesome) and will probably be going to visit her more than she would like. So Day 34 was our last afternoon together before she hit the road.

I had like 800 awesome pictures from the adventures we had, but they are on Alyssas camera and I don't have them :(

After Darcy left, I took Alyssa to roam the streets before heading back to Colorado to 'graduate' or whatever. We hit voodoo doughnuts, and Awebs loved it to pieces.


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