In my down time I've been attempting to come up with a name for my freelance design business. I'm looking for a word or two that really reflects on my design style and general work mantra. I've been on about 1000 thesaurus sites, countless online dictionaries, and even a few random word generators. I finally found a word that I loved: Cadenza. In music, a cadenza is an improvised or written-out ornamental passage played or sung by a soloist, usually in a "free" rhythmic style, and often allowing for virtuosic display. How perfect is that? So I type cadenza.com into my web browser and guess what: cadenzadesign.com
So after countless more attempts, I stumble to the word Ea, which is the name of the God of Arts and Crafts (I can't believe they have one of those!)...but lo and behold: eadesign.com/

These are just two examples of a million, frustrating tries.

Can you help?


  1. Albie said...
    robots are usually pretty good, monkeys, rainbows, unicorns, vines. As you can see, instead of helping i have just listed awesome things. It'll come to you, the important thing is that it has to have meaning to you, you know?

    Also, when you do come up with said awesome name for your design company, you'll wonder how you ever thought you could call it something else :D
    Anonymous said...

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