I'm back!

It's come from a number of sources that my blogging has been sub-par these last few months. I guess being back in America I’ve been caught up in the everyday, always attention grabbing, ceaseless mind stimulation and I've lost my ample blogging time. Thanks to all those loyal followers that still check me out every once in a while; hopefully this recap will explain my absence and rectify my drought of discourse.

At the beginning of May, after almost 3 month on the road with the Campus Rail Jam Tour, I moved to the heart of Chinatown, Portland. In a happenstance facebook crossing, I joined with my long lost friend Lacey, I signed the lease a dope apartment that sits quietly above a soup kitchen, metal concert venue, and an unending parade of drunks, druggies and drag queens, blended agreeably with the soothing sounds of public transportation and shouting party girls. Though we don’t have air conditioning, we have a spectacular view of the city and the sunsets. We are a stone’s throw away from a few of Portland’s finest landmarks:

Ground Kontrol- A fusion of bar+arcade: BARCADE. Lacey and I frequent this place approx. 8 days a week. We are working to become the best mortal kombat duelers of all time. I’m also undefeated at Tetris.

Voodoo Doughnuts- Open any day or night with a line pouring onto the busy Portland street, this place might be considered ‘the tits.’ The only mix of two great things more awesome than a barcade (see above) is my only weakness: Maple Bacon Bars. I could eat like, 2 of these, before considering puking. It may sound disgusting, but believe me folks, don’t knock it till you try it (and if you hate it, I’ll eat your leftovers).
As you can see, these two places alone could keep one not-blogging for decades. Especially when they are so close.

I’ve also been working a lot, and will give each of my jobs a respective blog post. Look forward to more info on the life and times of kait!


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