Meet the Crew!

This is a post from my CRJT blog with some more personal additions that I thought you guys might want to check out too! We all live together on a 40 foot gutted out greyhound bus (we'll save the tour for a different blog entry) and get to spend every waking hour and sleeping hour together.

PAT- Our resident musician-turned-snowboarder. Loves: trading things, snowboarding shirtless. Job: bus driver/bracelet trader. Calls computuers Google Boxes, which i think is hilarious. Also, iPhones are Superphones, cell phones are Text Phones, etc.

DRAE- The Three Pee: Poops, Pyramids, and Passing out. He's involved in some pyramid scheme that I get to enjoy each and every day! He;s our MC and makes really funny faces when dancing.

LOGAN- Newbie on tour. We'll see how this goes. He gave me the sweetest hat in the world.

KAIT- Can usually be found making the tour look pretty or complaining about how gross the bus is. Everyone gave me crap for including a good picture of myself on this entry.

TAY- He's in charge of things going down. Enjoys high fives and a good whiskey. You guys all know him...silly kentuckan belle.

DOM- Bus driving love kitten. Makes a bomb Bus Fried Rice. He's pretty much got the best attitude in the world.

ERIC- this kid will do anything for floam. Also, he talks dirty to his girlfriend on the bus at night and doesnt realize everyone can hear him.

DAN- don't stare at his mustache too long or he'll start licking it. This is my boss, and it's really hard to take him seriously...

BIG AL- aka Albatros aka alberstons aka al la mode aka root canal aka all alone aka reverend al aka allegra aka weird al yankovich aka alvis aka alvin and the chipmunks aka allegory aka alliteration aka altimeter aka altitude aka alligator aka al in wonderland. Obviously he has a lot of nicknames, but back when I met him in 2004 he was plain old Duff. And that is where he stays. He has a Big Sky Bistro, just like me, which earns him a lot of my respect.

DREW- Needs kitty litter. Last seen with no beard. Drew recently got blackout drunk and peed his bunk (right under me)... proceeded to strip out of all his clothes and throw them on mine. Took him a week to wash them for me.

ADAM- Collector of hearts and precious stones. Like every other Adam in my life, this one is totally awesome.

JON- Whaaaaaaaat. Don't give this one sugar. Or do...? Jon is constantly hitting on women and somehow is very successful. Beware! He Also snowboards with a dumdum in his mouth and consumes about 10 redbulls a day.

RYAN- best hugger on tour. This is another of m bosses. He's strong and sassy- just the way i like them.

BRUKE- If he hasn't already, he might find you on couchsurfing.com.

SHAUN- Goofball who hates me because i took over the CRJT blog. Currently back in PDX not living on the bus.

GRADY- This guy is hot, and he knows it. Ladies, beware.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    grady makes the snow melt...too hot.

    you make hearts melt.

    taylor makes farts.

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