Most definitely my finest year yet. A recap…

My year started in Shanghai Tunnel, the only downtown Portland bar that was without a New Years Eve cover charge. I kissed my best friend and wore hilarious glasses. A great way to begin.

I babysat 50 college students in Utah, and after 3 months of planning I was rewarded with the best powder and best memories imaginable.

I said goodbye to my amazing Grandfather and was able to hear firsthand the impact he had made upon hundreds of admiring people.

I did the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas drive through the American Southwest without encountering any bats.

I showed Vegas what was up. I also sang Kereoke "It's the End of the World as we Know it"in front of 400 people.

I had roommates I could have lived with forever.

I saw my brother graduate from Marine boot camp. And I finally got some respect.

I hiked in Moab.

I graduated from college.

I was able to see my sister in her natural habitat—the over crowded and ever “famous” city of Taiwan.

I learned a new kind of art.

I rode a bike down a volcano through Balinese rice paddies with my step mom.

I drove 24 hours straight with a cat, and only got pooped on once.

I was allowed to go to the Oregon County Fair for the first time. I got high with fairies.

I spent the summer finally getting to know my mom.

I doubled my money at a Blackjack table with my Dad.

I boarded a plane with no plan of coming home.

I explored the Australian coast with my best friend.

I moved to Fiji.

I celebrated Diwali.

I did what I loved, and got paid for it.

I conquered my fear of the Ocean by learning, and mastering, the art of SCUBA.

I moved to Argentina on a whim.

My year ended in Kentucky, the only restaurant in Buenos Aires that was open on New Years Eve. I kissed my boyfriend and wore a hilarious t-shirt. A great way to finish.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    everything about this post is perfect.
    minus the fact that there are no rollercoasters in it. my heart is hurt.

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