¡Che Boludo!

Well, I made it!
For those of you who haven’t guessed, observed, inferred, or like my dad, you haven’t read my blog in the past month or two, I’ve decided to take an early leave from my extended Fijian holiday for something new. Argentina, Buenos Aires to be more specific. a barrio, if you want me to be more specific than that.

After a 50 hour journey, I finally was able to shed my backpack and take a look around my new home. I was lucky enough to stop in LAX, and on my 12 hour layover met up with Dad and Carey for an afternoon of catching up. Though there wasn’t much culture shock happening, I was amazed to find that while walking down the boardwalk in Venice Beach, it was hard to distinguish who was talking on their Bluetooth headset and who was just talking to themselves. Oh America, you breed the finest. I ate the biggest burrito in the world (something non-existant in Fiji) and enjoyed two different drinks from Starbucks (all work and no good coffee makes Kait a little crazy). We spent the rest of the afternoon being classy and drinking wine at the LAX food court.

Sam scooped me up from the airport, impressing me with an actual grasp of this Spanish language. I hope in 3 months here I can be as masterful as he is. I didn't undergo any sort of jet lag or time change, because though this place is 9 hours ahead of Fiji, the city is at it’s finest in the middle of the night. Dinner starts around midnight, followed by dancing till sunrise. I'm convinced no one has jobs here, and that everyone has a weekly allowance for awesome new clothes and booze from the government. Yesterday Sam taught me the ways of the subte, which was hot, stinky, and very violating. Enjoyable, nonetheless. After a relaxing laze in the park, we met up with some of Sam’s friends and had a late dinner before going to Zizek, a party hosted by the place Sam is working, and jammed to Fauna, a Cumbia band. We headed home just in time to hear the early morning birds do their wake up calls.

I love it here already. The city is beautiful, the people are hard to understand, and the weather is perfect. I can’t wait to get deeper into this culture, and see what the Paris of South America has to offer.

This is a photo of me enjoying the finer things- here in Buenos Aires they have miniature hamburgers around every corner.

sam, on cameras.

Buenos Aires is filled with wonderful street art that captivates tourists and local porteños alike.


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