The Joke that Went Too Far...

"Sure Sam, I'll meet you over there..."

Yes, my ticket is bought to Argentina! With a brief but highly anticipated meeting with Denny and Carey in LA on my 12 hour layover, after 42 hours of travel I’ll be touching down in Buenos Aires on the night of December 3rd. Though it’s a little surprising, even to myself, that I should be departing Fiji so prematurely, it’s something that seems best for feeding my wanderlust and my desire to be constantly out of my comfort zone. As my wise boss Jon says, Fiji isn’t for everyone, and the more I’m here, lazing about, I can confirm his statement. It’s a great place, and my holiday the past few weeks allowed me to explore a great part of Fiji. However, it isn’t the time for me to take a desk job and get tan on the weekends. I’m looking forward to the fast-paced, non-stop bustle of the city. Hardest for me will be leaving the friends I’ve made here; their open arms have been a continuous lifesaver in the midst of my transition to the “real world,” and without their support I’d most likely be homeless, bored, and lonely. Probably hungry and poor as well. I’ll cherish these next 3 weeks, and leave knowing I’ll always have a place to come back to here (Yes, that was corny. But very true... they are all very appreciated).

[space view of Buenos Aires!]



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