Just Do It...

Did you know that some of us American expats still consider ourselves American? That's right folks, we do. And the upcoming election might be talked about more in Fiji and across the globe than it is in your own living room. Americas strengths and weaknesses spread across the world, and our decisions affect not only how our tax money is spent, but also pulses through oceans to our neighbors. Jon thought a great way to encourage out-of-america voting would be to start thefirstvote.com, a video log of expatriates casting their absentee vote for the 2008 presidential elections. Though we haven't put too much effort into it going viral, this is a start. Check it out at thefirstvote.com

Design related, Ronna showed me this [o]BOMB[a] site:Design For Obama. It's awesome to see how involved designers are getting in this election-- a great outlet to get artists and their audiences thinking. Here are a few of my favorite designs:

My absentee ballot is also in the mail, and it was a daunting task to take on. SO, for all of you that are in America, take that simple step and freakin' VOTE.


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